Sunday, 25 March 2012

Inspirational Image...

I was struggling to come up with something for my final 3 images This image was where I got my final idea from; I found it whilst researching celebrity culture on the internet, when I came across this image which caught my eye. I quite liked the idea of creating something in my image rather than it being just completely being about the photo its self. So I decided to use this image as my inspiration and from there I created my final image, using magazines and quotes to get my idea across. Also because my idea is quite theory based I found it hard to put in to 3 images, without it looking obvious.

This image shows magazines and newspaper layered to create a collage of a celebrity culture turning into waste as it slowly falls to the ground. It also talks about ideas of consumerism with the celebrity culture. I decided I wanted to do something similar to this talking about celebrity culture as waste and the idea of consumerism within this.

My Final Shoot Images...

After making the outfit I found it hard to think of where and how to photograph it, so I thought about different environments such as; a natural environment, a forest, a waste area or just in the studio. But because I didn’t just want to photograph a model wearing it in a studio as that wouldn’t represent my idea as strongly as I wanted. After doing further research and developing my idea I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to photograph a model wearing the outfit or have the outfit as the main focal point, I just wanted to focus on what the magazines themselves represented. I still wanted to use the outfit in some shots just to see if it worked without a model wearing it. So then I decided that the environment wasn't a main focal point either, so I photographed my final idea in a room against a white wall...

I used the quote from Andy Warhol; "In the future everyone will be worl famous for 15 minutes." as I felt this quote completely sums of my work and what I'm trying to represent. I incorporated it in most shots in different positions, to see where it looked best. Out of all the images i feel that this one is the strongest, it has the quote, the magazine pages and it catches your eye and makes you really think about questions that surroung 'celebrity culture'

This is a picture of the whole piece that I created in a room against a white wall, I felt that the environment was a focal point in my work as I want the viewer to focus on the piece its self. I feel this piece really does represent my ideas and concept and makes you see how the celebrity culture slowly turns into waste and not important.

This is the top half of the recycled outfit I made, which was my original idea, its made out of cut up of gossip magazines to make a fashionable outfit for the modern day. I photographed the outfit because I felt that by doing so it would highlight that even in fashion there is this sense of 'waste' that a fashion era is recylced, used again and again. And even in celebrity culture there is this idea of consumersim, and obsession with material objects, that show wealth and status, but soon become waste just like the celebrities themselves. 

This is the skirt part of the outfit, i liked using the quote hear in a playful and unique way, yet still highlighting the ideas of celebrity culture and fame as waste.

These are what my final images were mean't to look like but due to unfortuante circumstances, I wasn't able to print these images.

My Final Prints...


These are my 2 final images, I only have 2 because my film went wrong and only 6 frames came out. This had a massive affect on my work, making my work not as strong as i wanted it to be. I’ve learnt a big lesson from this experience, in that shooting in advance is critical incase anything goes wrong you have time to sort things out.
Out of the 6 I chose these two because I feel they are the strongest, although are not exactly what I wanted to my final prints to look like. If I get the chance to reprint, then I would pick much stronger images, which support my concept better.

Overall I really enjoyed this project and feel I really got involved in my concept and ideas, my focus was to photograph my representation of celebrity culture becoming a 'waste' product, which I think i acheived. There are a few certain areas that need be improved on and need to be taken into consideration for next time.

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