Sunday, 25 March 2012

Devolpment of waste ideas...


I then looked into the idea of FASHION WASTE, focusing on layers, textures, colours and patterns. Also looking at the otufit becoming the waste, but at the same time the waste becomes somethat it considered fashionable. I liked this idea but I felt it wasnt a strong enough concept.


I then devolped another idea looking into consumerism of clothes and found a
video that talks about the obsession that we have with buying new clothes, not knowing where they come from or how they are made. This was another idea that had potential, but i still felt it wasn't strong enough for a final idea.
I then came up with the idea of having a series of 3 images showing 3 different outfits made from waste products such as; beer cans, ciagarette boxes, crisp packets etc. but this idea felt too simple and not creative enough.

Tutorial with Steffi...
After the tutuorial with Steffi  I realized that all my ideas were good but weren't really strong enough to portray the idea of 'waste.'
I looked at back my first idea of photographing the outfit, and focused on the fact the outfit was made out of magazines such as 'Reveal', 'Now' and Star, which is all about celebrities and stories related to them. From then I started thinking about the idea that the celebrities themselves become 'waste' like they are recycled in and out of fame.  The magazines comment on the celebrity lifestyle and culture, creating rumours and gossip making people famous because of it.

My Final Idea...


"In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” Andy Warhol

My idea is looking into the idea of recycling fame, the celebrity lifestyle that only exists because of the gossip and rumours that people make up. Celebrities are constantly in and out of fame, depending on what status and who their sleeping with. Anyone who’s worth while remains famous for a reason, other people just become famous because of something they said or did with another celebrity at the time.
This fits into the idea that celebrities are like waste, they have their 5 minutes of fame and are never heard of again, so it’s like they waste away. Some celebrities are like recycling or a fashion era, they come in and out fame constantly. The meaning or reason for being famous has changed over the years, being famous used to be if you were a talented singer or dancer etc, now to be famous you only have to sleep with another celebrity or claim to know them and you are automatically seen as famous.   
The outfit represents the recycling and ongoing of gossip and crazy rumours that comes with a celebrity lifestyle. I used magazines such as ‘Reveal’, ‘Now’ and ‘Star’ which are all magazines that thrive on gossip and rumours. They are the magazines which constantly comment on the celebrity’s whereabouts, telling you which celebrity is in at the time.
One possible explanation of this trend is that an artificial importance has been created in order to promote a product or a service, rather than to record a purely biographical event. As more new products are launched in a world market that is constantly expanding, the need for more celebrities has become an [industry] in itself.
Another explanation is that this exaggeration of modern celebrity culture is created out of a need for drama and spectacle. Tabloid, Paparazzi and magazines are the prototype example of this theory.

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