Monday, 5 March 2012

The Commission; Waste Ideas...

I decided that for this project i wanted to base it around fashion rather than the environment as fashion photography is more of an interest for me. So i came up with several ideas that could incorporate both fashion and the environment as it has to be related to the theme of 'waste' ...

Sylvie Fluery, Shopping bags 1992
First off I looked into a photographer called Sylvie Fluery because of her series shopping bags. My initial thought, keeping in mind that i wanted to combine both the environment and fashion in this project, i thought i would look at an object that was to do with the environment but also still to do with fashion.

I like they way all the different types of bags are all put together, mixing colours and also sizes, which i found was interesting and playful. I then wanted to experiment with this idea, using plastic shopping bags and hanging them from different objects in a range of different places.

Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacob Advertisement 2008

I also looked at a series of photographs that were taken for an advertisement for Marc Jacobs in 2008, which had Victoria Beckham’s legs coming of out an oversized Marc Jacob shopping bag.
When looking at this series it made me think of how I could maybe use people in my idea, which is a similar approach to this. I also though this would relate to fashion as in fashion images there is often a model of some desccription. I started thinking I could photograph people with plastic bags in different environments, which they wouldn’t usually be in. 

Recycled Fashion...
I then developed this idea and wanted to look into the more fashion side of 'waste' so i looked into recycled fashion following from my initial idea of plastic bags and harbour waste with the colourful patterns. Here are just some of the examples of the types of clothing that are made by using recycled materials.

I then decided to make my own recycled outfit using old fashion magazines, by layering them on top each other to create a skirt and again to make a corset. My plan is to photograph this outfit in either a waste environment or in a natural environment of some kind.

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