Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Commission; 'Waste'

Here is a short series of images i took whilst on a visit to Torquay for the weekend, on the sundaywe went for a walk along the harbor when i came across this area which was full of waste left behind by ships and boats. Consedering our project is based around 'waste' I thought i would take a few pictures to see if i could base an idea around it.

The area consisted of rubbish left over from ships and boats that were about to be disposed of. Although these objects are counted as waste, ithere was something about them that caught my eye. I liked the way they were just randomly placed together forming mountains of netting, crates, rope and fishing equipment. It was the way all the different colours and textures were layerd on top of each other which created messy but interesting patterns in the images. This got me to thinking aout clothing and fashion and how i could link this to a final idea to do with patterns and colour using waste objects. 

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