Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pastiche 2 - Lee Friedlander, 'Albuquerque, New Mexico', 1972

Out of the two pastiches I found this was the hardest, trying to find a place which was deserted at the right time of day including all the elements of the original.  I eventually found a place which had most of the elements of Friedlander’s photo like the lamp post, traffic light, zebra crossing and a street which was deserted with a few buildings in the background. I took this photograph at 7.30am on a Sunday as I thought this was the best time to capture this without cars and people getting in the way. When I develpoed this film I found that because it was so early the pictures came out alot darker than i wanted. In the end I chose to print picture number 13 on the contact sheet as it was the brightest and most in focus out of all of them.

Contact Sheet

My final print didn't turn out as great as I hoped but taking into consderation the problems with my camera, I think it turned out ok. I found it hard printing this picture because of how blurred it was, but it has the main elements of the original so I'm pleased with that. Next time I will definetely experiment several times with shooting before I print, so i get a clear and percise image when I come to print.

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