Thursday, 12 January 2012

Environment Task 1 - 'What Lies Beyond Nature...'

For my initial idea for this project was actually my final idea, at first I decided that my film wasn't what i wanted, but after re-visiting it I found images that I could develop into a final idea. My original idea was humans affects on nature, but after looking at the images I felt they were about more than that.

I then came up with the idea of 'whats beyond nature...' I chose 3 images from my contact sheet which were taken of a park near a train station, they show trees and bushes almost making a frame around the picture and within the frames is a car park and train tracks, at first they meant nothing to me, but after looking at them carefully I started to think what is be beyond nature? We dont often think much of the nature surrounding us, we dont really think about what can be beyond it. Because of the way the pictures are taken with the bushes and trees framing the picture they create a door way to another world, almost like the film The Secret Gardens, they invite you in and make you question the photo.

The way the photos are framed by trees and bushes makes me think of the archway in this film cover of The Secret Gardens. By having an arch way frame it creates an alternative world to the photograph, the image inside of the frame becomes speperate to the photo which then makes you question the photo as a whole.

This is another image which has an archway framing the image made of bushes and trees, making you wonder and question what is beyond there. My images are not as fairytale like but i used these as inspiration to photograph my final images. 

I wanted my final images to capture what isn't real, there isnt an alternative world beyond nature, but these images make you want to think that there is. Life would be boring if everything was based around reality with photography you can create things that aren't real. To really capture the sense that its not realistic they are slightly blurred in parts, as if they were a dream or a misty haze.

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