Thursday, 12 January 2012

Environment Task 2 (Continued) - 'Structure'

For the second part of the environment I looked into the idea of structure within an urban space, here are a few images which were my first inspiration for this project. I then developed an idea and decided to photograph a housing estate near me, which has lots of buildings which are very similar and often repeated. New housing developments are often rows of houses which look all the same, and they have no characteristics about them which got me to thinking about structure. Lots of the houses have certain structures in the way they were built which I found interesting. They are modernly structured like most buildings are today to create this new world where everything looks excatly the same.

I like the idea that there is no such thing as naturally structured, as to structure something means to purposefully make something in a particular way. This got me to thinking about the environment and how there are certain places that have structures which are not natural. 

Research and Inspiration

These are a few images I found on the internet, they have a repeatitive structure to them which is what I wanted to try and create in my final images. My final images dont follow the exact same concept as these, but they were good for initial inspirations.

These are my 3 final images...

Whilst photographing this project I noticed that structure has become a big part of modern society today, everything has a certain structure. I wanted to capture the idealistic and perfect perspective that these new housing developments have, there structured purpose is to be perfect and look faultless. I like that in each image the houses always go down in rows, either to the left or right, this also becomes a structured effect to the house.

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