Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pastiche 1 – Robert Adams, ‘On Signal Hill’, Overlooking Long Beach California’, 1983

When I developed the film it didn’t come out great, there was a problem with the camera when I was shooting, the shutter wasn’t working making some shots blurred. Also the film didn’t wind on properly so some of the frames had been double took, which ruined some of the photos. But there were a few which hadn’t been affected by the faults of the camera, so i made a contact sheet and decided which to print from that. 

Contact Sheet

Final Print

I found the perfect place to take this photograph, near to where a live there is loads of fields with a few trees over looking the town centre. I found it hard to get the camera in the exact position to the original picture, but it has the main elements, the town center, fields and the tree. Overall I like my pastiche and think it worked well consdering the faults the camera had.

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