Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thematic Characterisation/Casting Task

Our project is based around the theme of nursery rhymes, looking into taking a nursery rhyme and putting a modern and slightly dark twist on the former children's version. The nursery rhyme we've chosen is Little Bo Peep, so for our characterisation and casting we decided we wanted our model to be a woman who has defined cheek bones in the style of paintings of Japanese woman, with their bright pink cheek bones. We researched into defined cheekbone makeup... creating an almost doll like effect on the models face.

We also wanted the face to have defined features such as the eyes; we want them to stand out in the photograph so we looked at the famous photograph of the afghan girl where her green eyes stand out completely from everything else in the image.

We havent tooken many photographs of people we think would be appropriate for our shoot, this will definitely be the next stage in our devolpment process of the project. But we have a good idea of the type and character that we are looking for

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